Group Members

Daniele CATONE

ISM Researcher, Chemist

Researcher at CNR since 2009. Ph.D. in Physical-Chemistry. Master Degree in Chemistry. Currently, he has focused his scientific activity to the study of ultrafast dynamics in plasmonic, semiconductor and photovoltaic materials, by means of femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopies. His past research activity has been mainly devoted to study molecules and clusters in the gas phase with laser and synchrotron radiation, acquiring wide competences in the field of photoelectron and photo-ion spectroscopies coupled with different molecular sources (supersonic molecular beam, ESI, effusive gas jet).

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Patrick O’KEEFFE

ISM Researcher, Chemist

PhD in Chemistry from Edinburgh University (2000) and BSc in Chemistry from University College Cork (1996). After postdoctoral work at the University of Oxford, the CNRS and the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, he joined the CNR as a permanent researcher in 2009. Much of his early research interests were concentrated on charged particle gas phase spectroscopy using optical lasers, synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers. His present research interests are in optical femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy and manipulation of nanomaterials in solution and the study of their interactions with molecules, nanowires, and surfaces.

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Alessandra PALADINI

ISM Researcher, Chemist

Researcher at CNR since 2010. Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences. Master’s Degree in Chemistry.Her scientific activity has been mainly devoted to study the interaction of laser with molecules, molecular aggregates or nanostructured systems. Presently, her research is focused on the characterization of the fast dynamics of advanced materials through pump-probe spectroscopy, and on the control of the morphology of nanostructured systems through their interaction with femtosecond lasers. She is also involved in science outreach activities and scientific dissemination in schools. She is the author of more than 60 scientific papers.

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ISM Researcher, Physicist

Stefano Turchini took the degree in Physics in 1988 and is researcher at the CNR since 1994. His scientific activity has been mainly focused on synchrotron radiation spectroscopies devoted to structural properties (EXAFS) and electronic properties (XAS, XPS, UPS). Since 1998 he is with the scientific staff of the Circular Polarised beamline at the synchrotron ELETTRA. He carries scientific projects related to VUV-Soft X-Rays circular polarized light spectroscopies applied to chiral molecules and magnetic materials. His current activity is devoted to ultrafast pump-probe experiments in semiconductors and molecules.

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Francesco TOSCHI

ISM Researcher, Material Scientist

After a periods of postdoctoral work at the University of Rome Tor Vergata he joined the National Research Council of Italy as a researcher in 2012. Presently, his work is cantered around the Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopies applied to innovative and nano materials for technological applications, such as plasmonic devices, new-generation photovoltaics, new materials for automotive, etc. His activities are carried out at the EuroFel Support Laboratory at CNR-ISM where state-of-the-art femtosecond laser instrumentation is available for Ultrafast Spectroscopies.

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IMM Researcher, Physicist

My whole scientific activity has concerned semiconductor materials and devices. It can be divided into two main fields: I) the growth and study of structural and electronic properties (with special focus on the optical properties) of semiconducting materials and nanostructures and II) the characterisation and development of semiconductor optical amplifiers towards their use in telecommunication systems. Among the investigated topics the most relevant have been: 2D electronic gases, strained layers, quantum dots, dilute nitrides, wavelength conversion. Presently, and since 2005, my main research topics are the growth and the properties of semiconductor nanowires. I am or have been unit responsible in the following European Projects: ATLAS (FP5); NanoEmbrace (FP7) and INDEED (H2020).

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ISM Post Doc, Physicist

He joined the Institute of Structure of Matter (ISM) of the CNR as a Post Doc in 2021, after completing his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. During his Ph.D. he worked in CHOSE (Centre for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy of Regione Lazio – “Tor Vergata” University) in collaboration with EFSL group. Using photoluminescence spectroscopy, he investigated the relation between emission properties of perovskite solar cells and their performances, both in terms of device efficiency and material stability. Since the start of his postdoctoral fellowship, he has focused on the study of ultrafast carrier dynamics in topological insulators with the aim of characterizing materials for photodetection applications.



ISM PhD student, Material Scientist

He is a PhD student in Electronic Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. He mainly studies the ultrafast carrier dynamics for semi-transparent photovoltaic application, with particular effort on the characterization of active materials as perovskite and organic blend. He also studies the electronic band structure of those materials by both experimental (synchrotron photoemission spectroscopy) and theoretical (DFT) methods.




Bachelor's degree student in Physics - Università di Roma Tor Vergata - "Study of materials for perovskite solar cells, through advanced ultrafast laser spectroscopic techniques"


Ex Componenti


Jacopo Stefano PELLI CRESI

2018-2019. Post-doc position in the Prin 2015 project "NEWLI - NEW LIght on transient states in condensed matter by advanced photon - electron spectroscopies", funded by MUR.

Lorenzo DI MARIO

2017-2019. Post-doc position on “Plasmonics at transparent conductive oxides", funded by CNR and Nanoscience Foundries & Fine Analysis (NFFA).



PhD in Electronic Engineering - Università di Roma Tor Vergata - "Electro-Optical characterization of new generation photovoltaic materials and devices"- Supervisor: Aldo di Carlo - April 2022


PhD in Physics - Università di Roma Sapienza - "Carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanowires" - External advisor: Faustino Martelli – February 2021


PhD in Physics - Università di Roma Sapienza - "Growth and Optical Properties of Semiconductor Nanowires" - External advisor: Faustino Martelli - March 2017



Bachelor's Thesis in Material Science – Università di Roma Tor Vergata - "Spettroscopia transiente al femtosecondo di nanostrutture plasmoniche: effetti della morfologia e della composizione" - External advisor: Alessandra Paladini - A.A. 2019/2020


Master’s Thesis in Material Science – Università di Roma Tor Vergata - "Ultrafast dynamics in quasi bidimentional perovskites" - External advisor: Daniele Catone - A.A. 2019/2020

Bachelor's Thesis in Material Science – Università di Roma Tor Vergata - "Dinamica ultraveloce di celle solari a perovskite" - External advisor: Daniele Catone - A.A. 2017/2018


Master's Thesis in Chemistry - Università di Roma Sapienza - "Dinamica ultraveloce di nanostrutture plasmoniche bimetalliche" - External advisor: Daniele Catone - A.A. 2018/2019

Sylvain BADIN

Internship report - Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay - "Study of plasmon ultrafast dynamics by femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy in gold nanobipyramids" - Supervisor: Daniele Catone - 1st April 2019 - 1st August 2019

Diego de MATTEIS

Master's Thesis in Chemistry - Università di Roma Sapienza - "Dinamica ultraveloce di celle solari a perovskite" - External advisor: Daniele Catone - A.A. 2017/2018


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