Plasmonic nanoparticles exhibit a strong interaction with light through the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR). This occurs when the oscillations of the conduction electrons in the plasmonic material enter into resonance with the incident light field. This has a number of fascinating consequences for light matter interaction including extremely strong light absorption and scattering and concentration of the electric field into “hot spots” (see figure where hots spots form at the tips of the plasmonic ellipsoids). The EFSL activity aims to study the ultrafast dynamics which occur following the interaction of the light with various plasmonic nanostructures such as gold nanospheres in liquids, arrays of 2D nanoparticles on transparent substrates, nanoparticle deposited on semiconductor nanowires.

The EFSL is principally active in the field of:
    • Hot electron generation in metallic nanostructures solution
   • Energy transfer from plasmonic nanostructures to wide band gap semiconductors
   • Thermoplasmonics
   • Morphological control of nanostructure through localized heating


Selected Publications

Gold nanoparticles functionalized by rhodamine B isothiocyanate: A new tool to control plasmonic effects
Fratoddi, Ilaria; Cartoni, Antonella; Venditti, Iole; Catone, Daniele; O'Keeffe, Patrick; Paladini, Alessandra; Toschi, Francesco; Turchini, Stefano; Sciubba, Fabio; Testa, Giovanna; Battocchio, Chiara; Carlini, Laura; Proietti Zaccaria, Remo; Magnano, Elena; Pis, Igor; Avaldi, Lorenzo
Journal of colloid and interface science 513, 10-19, (2018)
Plasmon Controlled Shaping of Metal Nanoparticle Aggregates by Femtosecond Laser-Induced Melting
Catone D.; Ciavardini A.; Di Mario L.; Paladini A.; Toschi F.; Cartoni A.; Fratoddi I.; Venditti I.; Alabastri A.; Proietti Zaccaria R.; O'Keeffe P.
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9, 17 (2018)


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