The ultrafast carrier dynamics in hybrid halide perovskite and bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells is still far from being completely understood, even though it is known that their efficient collection may increase the power conversion efficiency of the cells. The ultrafast transient absorbance and fluorescence up-conversion spectroscopies are unique tools for the characterization of the ultrafast carrier dynamics such as thermalisation and cooling which occur on the femtosecond timescale. In this way the fate of the carriers formed after photoexcitation and the transfer process from the photoabsorbing layer to the electron and hole transfer layers can be studied. A deeper fundamental understanding of the ultrafast carrier dynamics will facilitate the improvement of the conversion efficiency in the perovskite-based solar cells.

The EFSL is principally active in the field of:
    • Ultrafast carrier dynamics in perovskite-based solar cells
   • Hot-carrier generation and thermalization
   • Charge transfer in bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells

The EFSL performs these studies thanks to the collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata and CHOSE.


Selected Publications

Graphene-Induced Improvements of Perovskite Solar Cell Stability: Effects on Hot-Carriers
Patrick O'Keeffe, Daniele Catone, Alessandra Paladini, Francesco Toschi, Stefano Turchini, Lorenzo Avaldi, Faustino Martelli, Antonio Agresti, Sara Pescetelli, Antonio Esau Del Rio Castillo, Francesco Bonaccorso, Aldo Di Carlo
Nano Letters 19(2) p 684-691 (2019)
Enhanced Charge Separation Efficiency in DNA Templated Polymer Solar Cells
Toschi, F, Catone, D, O'Keeffe, P. Paladini, A., Turchini, S., Dagar, J., Brown, T.M.
Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1707126 (2018)


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